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CAASie partners with Digital8 to bring Out-of-Home to digital marketing

CAASie has partnered with Brisbane-based digital agency, Digital8, for the launch of their game-changing self-serve marketplace for out-of-home advertising on digital billboards, bus shelters and other advertising screens. 

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The online platform takes the familiar concepts of digital advertising and extends them to the outside world.

Instead of purchasing a fixed duration campaigns, advertisers will be able to bid in real-time for individual ad plays that range from 5-30 seconds.  This flexible arrangement makes billboard advertising comparable to Google Ads or Facebook (and other social media) advertising, giving small businesses the opportunity to stand toe to toe with the larger companies that traditionally dominate the scene.

Digital8 has long been one of the premier digital agencies in Brisbane; with a strong focus on return-on-investment-driven integrated marketing campaigns executed across multiple media channels. However, out-of-home has always been elusive – the traditional buying process lacked the flexibility that would allow out-of-home to accommodate the dynamic needs of a digital marketing campaign. Combined with CAASie, Digital8 can now bring their clients an entire new avenue for advertising and be on the forefront of advertising technology. This partnership with CAASie enables Digital8 to offer unrivalled omni-channel marketing campaigns for their customers, not only in Brisbane, but across an entire global marketplace of out-of-home media. 

Moreover, the CAASie team encourage new advertisers to take advantage of Digital8’s wealth of digital advertising experience and expertise in strategy, planning and management of cross-platform campaigns. 

Team CAASie and Digital8: Mia, Jeff, Jeff , Joe, Joe, Taryn.

CAASie aims to bolster the advertising efforts of local small and growing businesses by making out-of-home more accessible and more flexible. Combining digital marketing with out-of-home enables these businesses to create brand awareness and associations that will drive their all-important click-through rates.”  says Taryn Syratt – Director and Project Lead at CAASie.

Digital8 are incredibly excited to team up with CAASie, the technology that they are using is incredibly innovative and we are so excited to be able to provide our clients with more well rounded and comprehensive marketing campaigns. OOH Advertising has always worked hand in hand with digital marketing to further legitimise a companies campaign and can boost brand awareness significantly. With the help of CAASie, we will be able to boost our clients into the stratosphere” Liam Fogarty – Inbound Marketing Strategist at Digital8

For more information please contact 

Taryn Syratt 
Director and Project Lead
[email protected]