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CAASie introduces hourly budget limiter

CAASie has introduced an hourly budget limiter that is designed to prevent daily and monthly budgets from restricting ad plays – particularly for campaigns are set to run for short windows of time (eg. peak hour).

Thank you to Nic and Chris for sharing your experiences with the team and helping us to improve CAASie!

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What's a budget limiter?

Just like online advertising, CAASie enables you to limit your campaigns expenditure by setting daily and monthly budget constraints.

Your monthly budgets are set as a maximum spend over a rolling 30-day period. This means that whatever dollar amount you set will automatically be spread across those 30 days. Likewise, your daily budget will be spread across a rolling 24 hr period. Although you may not spend all of your allocated budget, you will not go over it.

These two budgets can work independently (set one or the other) or dependently with each other (set both). 

Using budgets to control spend:

CAASie respects the most restrictive of the two budgets. This means is that you can set a $300 daily limit ($9000 over 30 days) and a $1000 monthly limit at the same time. In this case, your monthly budget (being the more restrictive) will automatically control your spend across the 30 days, ensuring that your monthly limit is not exceeded – meaning you won’t ever hit the $300 daily spend limit.

So why would you set a higher daily limit if your monthly budget controls your spend? Generally, it’s because you might not want your ads to run for a full 24 hours. If you want to bump up the potential spend over a shorter period – that’s how you would do it.

The problem:

It can cause quite a headache trying to calculate the ideal budget for a campaign that is set to run over targeted windows of time. Team CAASie wanted to make it easy to set a budget for these campaigns that would only run during peak hour, the lunch-time rush, tradie run or any other targeted time frames. 

The solution....

An hourly budget!

For cases where your campaign/ads will only run for short windows of time you can now set an hourly budget limiter.

For example, let’s say you had a maximum $5,000 to spend across a 30-day peak traffic hour (total 4hrs per day) campaign. You can work out your hourly budget backwards: 

Alternatively, you could look at the bid price of your selected screens and decide how often you’d like your ads to play within an hour.

For example, if you had a bid amount of $6 per play and you wanted your ads to play approximately 10 times within an hour, you would need an hourly budget of $60.

Be mindful of using it with daily/monthly budgets

Where the daily and monthly budgets can work well together, it is not recommended that you use them in conjunction with your hourly budgets, as they might override this setting.

If you were to set a daily budget of $166 (as worked out in the example above), this becomes the most restrictive budget. The $166 will be spread across 24 hrs instead of 4 hrs. Which means that you’ll end up with an hourly spend of $6.90 instead of the desired $41.