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CAASie introduces Audience numbers

CAASie has introduced reporting on the potential audience reached for your campaign and each ad that plays.

Thank you to Shelley, Peyton and Luke for sharing your thoughts and ideas with the team! Those conversations have helped to shape this feature.

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How do you value OOH?

It’s always been difficult to gauge how much value a billboard or other out-of-home campaign brings – why? Because it’s not easily measurable.

We know that not all screens, even locations, are equal. Some have a greater impact, better visibility, longer dwell times or more traffic.

Which digital screens do you always notice or, better yet, look out for? That’s impact.

Which screens do you find yourself staring at – sometimes for lack of anything better to do at a traffic light or waiting for your doctor who is never on time? That’s usually indicative of dwell time – how long your audience is within close proximity.

Do you always notice that specific one on the drive to work, or walking to and from the train/bus? – so does everyone else. That’s high traffic or sometimes even just good placement.

We measure online campaigns by number of clicks and/or number of impressions. Now, for out-of-home, CAASie wants to offer you an equivalent – number of plays and potential audience reach.  

The Solution:

It’s not that simple on out-of-home but we recognise the value in the audience counting metrics. From day one we’ve offered number of ad plays – of course we have – pay-per-play is the flexibility that CAASie offers. Now, we’ve introduced an impression count – to provide a rough guide on how many people are around the screen each time your ads played.

The Disclaimer:

As all screens are not equal, neither are the ways in which out-of-home data is collected. There is a standard in Australia that most providers follow but it’s not always high resolution. As a result, these figures can only be used a guide – and not as a true count of the number of eyeballs looking at your ads. 

The good news is that technology is ever evolving, and out-of-home providers are constantly striving towards better data collection and audience analytics.

Here's how it looks!

The information will be displayed on your campaign’s dashboard.

Firstly, at campaign level, the impression graph (below) shows the number of ad plays, and the potential audience reached.

Secondly, at screen level, you’ll see the number of ad plays and potential reach on each individual screen or board that you’ve selected.

Some information will be displayed whilst picking your individual screens/boards/panels

When you select your screens from the map, they each have some information about the specs and audience. As part of providing audience metrics, CAASie has introduced some new information to assist with screen selection.

This includes: 

a) The estimated reach for every $1000 spent on that screen/board. This figure is based on the minimum cost-per-play and average audience counts. It will fluctuate from day-to-day and should only be used as a guide. 

b) A break down of average or expected reach per-hour and per-play. This is based on averages and historical data. Once again, this may fluctuate from day-to-day or even by hour. It should only be used as a guide.