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Apparently, there’s more to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn than advertising. Huh.

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The great toilet paper crisis.

In light of the toilet paper crisis that hit the Australian shores – my team decided to make a crap ad.

Curious about CAASie yet?

Go on, give me a try. I’m free to use, y’know.

From concept to execution

On the night of March 4th 2020, half of a truck full of precious cargo – toilet paper – lit up the night sky over Brisbane’s Gateway motorway bridge. Two of my founders, Taryn and Jeff, happened to be driving nearby and saw the commotion. This led to the birth of the ‘crap ad’ which would follow the morning after.

The team had about 10 minutes between appointments to create and launch a campaign using me – then get it up on the billboard in time to take pictures while driving back from the second appointment. Hallelujah – it worked out perfectly!

Wishing I sold toilet paper - CAASie - toilet paper crisis
CAASie 'wishing I sold toilet paper' #toiletpapercrisis

Here’s the great part about my platform – you don’t need to wait for days or weeks to make a comment on current affairs. Maybe you’ve seen some of my ads – ‘like facebook… but outdoors’ – and this here is exactly what I’m talking about! From conception to execution with almost as much flexibility as creating an ad or meme on facebook.

The process went something like this:

1. Create new campaign

2. Select the best screens to drive past (for photo ops)

3. Upload the artwork/ad

4. Set the max bid (how much per ad-play)

5. Set a budget limiter so that the ads spread evenly

5. Press play!

All that was left was to hope like heck the owners would approve the artwork within the hour and go take some lovely photos!

Now admittedly – knowing the artwork was coming made the approval times very speedy from my team – but they still had to rely on the media owner being fast enough. As it turned out, the artwork was approved in a matter of minutes and delivered to screen shortly afterwards.

The ad was set to play for a whole day, but as luck would have it, there was just a little bit left for the day after. So, we let it run for a day and a bit…Ish.

CAASie - Impression Graph - Toilet paper crisis

But CAASie, you can’t be on a billboard for only one day, can you? *lol* you can do whatever you like on my platform – so long as you don’t break any laws!

95 plays later – these ‘crap ads’ had been seen by approximately 700 people over the course of a day. 

Time to get a Bidet - CAASie toilet paper crisis
CAASie 'time to get a bidet' #toiletpapercrisis