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Introducing the Lifetime Budget.

Monthly budgets have been replaced by a lifetime budget on CAASie, to enable a ‘set and forget’ approach to campaigns.

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Budgets on CAASie

Normally, we think of budget as ‘how much do I want to spend over my entire campaign’, however in the case of CAASie, the ability to set a budget is not usually about how much you want to spend overall – but rather how quickly.

On CAASie, your budget, or ‘budget limiter’, is a tool that is designed to control your campaign spend, by spreading your funds across a dedicated time period.

Until now, the options have been hourly (60mins), daily (24hours) and monthly (30 days).

What this means is that if you were to set an hourly budget of $10, you could expect to spend up to $10 across any 60minute period. Where as, if you were to set a daily budget of $100, you’d divide that by 24hrs, which would then work out at around $4.2 over a 60minute period.

The maths isn’t quite that basic, but it’s any easy way to think about it.

These budget limiters don’t take into consideration the length of your campaign or the bid schedule (in other words – the specific hours in which you want your ads to play), because they are extremely flexible and can be changed at any time.

The lifetime budget

What good is a monthly budget – i.e. a budget that spreads evenly across 30 days – when your campaign only goes for 2 weeks?

To make things as simple as possible, and easy to ‘set and forget’, we’ve scrapped the 30 day budget limiter and we’ve replaced it with a ‘lifetime’ budget.

So, it’ll work exactly the same way, but rather than spanning across a fixed 30 days – it will span across the start and end dates of your campaign.

You will still be able to change the start and end dates of your campaign, but you need to remember that if you extend your campaign, you’ll need to extend your budget to suit it. You also can’t ‘un-spend’ your budgets by cutting your campaign shorter!

Your new lifetime budgets still won’t take your bid schedule into account, so if you want to set your campaign for specific windows of time (8hr or less per day) we recommend that you stick to the hourly budget for tighter control and better optimization of your campaigns.

What about my existing campaigns?

All monthly budgets on new and existing campaigns have been converted to lifetime budgets. Your spend rate may increase if your campaign life is shorter than 30 days, or decrease if it’s longer – but otherwise you probably won’t even notice the change.

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