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CAASie Introduces a Campaign Projection Tool.

Make more informed decision while building your campaign, using the new projections tool. 

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Campaign projection tool.

If you’re new to CAASie or haven’t used a particular set of inventories before, it can be hard to gauge a campaign’s performance while you’re setting it up.

To help with this, we’ve introduced a tool that tracks your settings while you’re building out the skeleton of your campaign. This means that you can get rough estimates of how your campaign might perform and what changes you might need to make to optimise them.

This tool takes into account:

  1. Which screens you have chosen – this will include the average cost per play and the average frequency of ad play (or availability of the screens) at the time of creating your campaign.

  2. What your max bid price is – If you max bid price is not high enough to include any of the selected screens, they’ll be excluded from the calculations.

  3. Your schedule – limiting the times you want to be eligible for auction will naturally limit the number of ad plays you can get across your campaign, and specific times may influence the estimated audience reached.

  4. Your budget constraints/controls – you can limit your expenditure, or optimise it, using the budget limiters. The bid and budget settings together determine how often you’ll be eligible to enter auctions and win.

These projections are only a guide and can change as the pricing, availability, and other settings within your campaign change.

Take a look at the video below to see how it works:

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