What is out-of-home advertising?

It’s any advertising that is not delivered inside the home.

Not TV, not radio, not (most) print, and especially not online.

But it can be: Billboards, bus shelters, street furniture (signs), digital mall kiosks, wall posters – digital or otherwise. 

CAASie - OOH - outdoor advertising

Let's have a look at what's so great about it!


This is probably the most quoted reason for using out-of-home Advertising. It makes sense, right?

The more often your customer see’s your brand the more they will remember you (brand awareness) and the more they will associate your company with …whatever it is that you do (brand association). 

Think about some of the ads you’ve seen on billboards. Lot’s of banks and insurance. That’s because their brand is the only thing that sets them apart from competitors.  Every bank in the world does bank-like things. The “things” don’t sell but the brand and/or message does. 

Advertising is what advertising does – it keeps you at the top of mind. When a consumer is looking for a new bank they need to think “Commbank Can”. If they need to insure their new car – “lucky you’re with AAMI”.

Banks not doing it for you? – How did you first choose a toilet paper brand?
You probably didn’t test them all out to see which one felt the nicest on your bottom. More likely, it was either the one that you’d seen the most ads for or the one that had the greatest association in your mind. Like Kleenex – they are known for paper things (tissue).


of consumers believe that ads on out-of-home make brands more desirable.

According to the Australian Outdoor Media Association (OMA)

Whilst using out-of-home doesn’t miraculously make your product or service more desirable, what you’re looking for is to capitalise on the associations and unconscious biases that consumers have.

Things on billboards are big and shiny. If humans and birds have one thing in common – it’s a love for shiny things.

More importantly – they actually remember seeing those brands and understand what they do

But CAASie, my customers can't click on those screens!

No. They can’t. The important point is that they engage with your ad and remember you! 

The great thing about memories is that we forget that we remember things. Confused? 
How many times have you found yourself watching something on Netflix to realise half way through the second episode that you’ve already seen it on the “real TV”. 

You forgot that you’d seen the show until you saw it again. That’s how ads work, too. You might not remember that you remember – until you are reminded.

Out-of-home is a fantastic reminder! or maybe you’ll customers will see it there first – and be reminded about your product when they jump online. 


More alert outside the home

According to the Australian Outdoor Media Association (OMA)

We’re much more alert outside of the home. what does that mean for your ads? Well they are more likely to be noticed. 

If you have an attractive, captivating ad – your customers will not only see it but also engage with it. They will make an active effort to read and understand it.  

The world is busy with advertising – it’s everywhere you look. Out-of-home stands out loud and proud in the… crowd. 

Not to mention that on that tedious commute to work, we’re  bored out of our skulls! Desperate to engage with anything stimulating… like ads.

But what about the click-through?

The first part of this is obvious – I’ve seen an ad for a product I want or haven’t heard of before – so I google it. Now I’ve found you. 

What’s more interesting though, is that we subconsciously absorb information all around us – including your ads! We talked earlier about  forgetting that you remember things. This is your opportunity to poke your customers in the frontal lobe!

Remind your customers that they’ve seen you before by re-targeting them online. You know where your ads played, you know where your audience is – hit them as often as you can with a consistent message and they can’t possibly forget you!


More online activity

The OMA says that out-of-home delivers 4 times more online activity per dollar spent than TV, Radio and Print.

No, you still can’t click a billboard… but!

Your customer has seen you, remembers you and knows what you do; all before they even get to your online call to action.

Now, they are considerably more likely to take that action.