Payment and Billing overview.

Note that the purpose of this document is to provide information around billing and payment for CAASie services and does not override any information pertaining to the User Terms and Conditions Agreement which is a lawfully binding contract between Users and CAASie (Heurist Pty Ltd). 

Payment and Billing

Published 10-11-2019
Last edited 10-11-2019

Refer to the User Agreement for up-to-date details. 

The virtual wallet

All transactions via CAASie must be paid in advance. This means that to activate your campaigns and carry out purchases, you must pre-load your account with the appropriate funds which will be parked in a virtual wallet. These funds will be parked as US Dollars and will be utilised to run all of your active campaigns.

The minimum load requirement is $20 USD. CAASie does not store your credit card details or offer direct debit. The funds in your wallet can be withdrawn as detailed below in the “Request Refund” section or the User Terms and Conditions Agreement.

Auction/Real-time bidding.

CAASie runs on a second-price auction system. You may set a maximum bid for each of your ads, but the final price will be determined by the second highest bidder.  You will be competing in real-time against other CAASie users as well as other revenue methods for each specific media owner.

You can vary or restrict your bids by hourly blocks if and as required. CAASie will record the number of times your ad plays (impressions) and the average cost of each of those plays (CPI).

How is the winner of the auction determined?

The minimum or “floor price” and the run time for each screen or board will be displayed, however guidance around the likelihood of winning an auction on the CAASie platform will only be given where sufficient data is available. 

The advertiser with the highest bid will win the auction; where the bid is the maximum price placed by an advertiser for a particular ad play. In other words, how much the advertiser is willing to pay to gain an impression for a given screen, location and time.

Note: The final price will depend on availability and competition – it is based on the second highest bid. Any buyer, at their sole discretion, can choose to bid higher than the average cost-per-play to guarantee the highest bid. 

What does the bid amount include?

Your bid amount  includes the suppliers rates, CAASie’s fee and associated transaction fees and taxes (GST/VAT). On your invoice at the end of the month you will see the total transaction amounts for the month including the GST component.

When do the auctions take place?

The auctions take place in real-time (once ads are approved). Each time there’s an opportunity or vacancy from our suppliers, they will send CAASie a request for the highest bid. 

Setting Budgets

When you set up your campaign, you will have the option to include a daily and monthly budget that will restrict your expenditure to make the most of your allocated funds. 

It’s important to bear in mind the difference between budget and spend:

  • Budget: The amount of money that you are willing to spend on ad plays throughout the specified time frame.
  • Spend: The amount of money that will be paid (in other words, how much of your maximum budget is utilised).

When setting a budget for your campaign, it’s not necessarily the amount you’ll spend. For example, you might set a daily budget of $100 but your ad may not play often or at a very low cost-per-play. If during the day only $70 of your $100 budget is utilised, the remaining $30 will continue to be held in your wallet for later use.

Daily and monthly budgets

There are two types of budgets you can set to control your campaign expenditure:

  • Daily budgets: The maximum amount you’re willing to spend on a given campaign every rolling 24hours (not per calendar day).
  • Monthly budgets: The amount you’re willing to spend over a rolling 30 days from the start date of the campaign until the end date (not a calendar month). 

You can set one, both or neither. If you don’t set a budget, your ads will play completely un-restricted until the end date for your campaign or expenditure exceeds available funds. If your wallet empties you can choose to upload additional credit and instruct your campaign to resume.

Starting, pausing and deleting a campaign

When you set up a campaign you are required to set a start and end date for that campaign. You will also need to press the “play” button on the campaign dashboard to begin bidding for your chosen space. This play button can be toggled between “play” and “pause”.  

If you pause your campaign, your bids will stop being processed, however any existing bids that have already begun processing (have been committed) will continue even after the campaign is paused. 

You can also delete your campaigns, however you will remain responsible for any committed bids that were made prior to deleting the campaign. 

Pausing and deleting your campaigns have no influence over the virtual wallet, except that funds will not be withdrawn from inactive campaigns. 

Refer to the User Terms and Conditions for more information.

Fees and Charges

Although you are required to pre-load your account, you will only be charged for the number of impressions or the number of times an ad was played/served. The pricing is based on an auction system where users compete for impressions according to a user’s maximum bid. The wallet, at any given time, reflects the credit used by the impressions inclusive of the GST. 

Each of your bids will be inclusive of any fees and charges by CAASie,  partners and suppliers, transaction fees and appropriate taxes. 

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

  • If your primary registration address is in Australia, Australian GST of 10% is payable on any bid.
  • If you live outside Australia, depending on the tax legislation of your country of residency, local Goods and Services Tax (GST), Value Added Tax (VAT) or similar consumption tax might apply.

When you’re changed

Any fees or costs incurred as a result of ads being served by the CAASie system will automatically be withdrawn from your virtual wallet. Funds may be reserved for a short period after placing your bid, however they will only be taken as payment after CAASie receives a “proof of win” by partners and suppliers. 

Refer to the User Terms and Conditions for more information.


At the end of each calendar month, you’ll be sent an invoice that details your activity and the associated charges across all campaigns that were active. It will detail any payments and refunds made, as well as the remaining balance of your wallet. All invoices and balance amounts are inclusive of relevant taxes (GST/VAT).


For more details on the transaction history, you can log into your CAASie account and download the CSV file for a break down on your campaign spending. 

The campaign dashboards displays real-time activity throughout the month including expenditure and number of impressions per asset. The transaction history will be available as long as the campaign is live, once the campaign is deleted, the detailed summary will no longer be available. 

You can access the payment and transaction history for up to 2 years upon request.

Requesting refunds

If you choose to stop using CAASie you can request a refund of any unused credit in your wallet (excluding that which is already committed). Refunds must be returned to the original credit card or via cheque. There are associated processing times and fees and charges, including a $25 admin fee.
Check the User Terms and Conditions for more details.

Lead time and delayed refunds

Refunds typically take up to 14 days to process within Australia and may include additional delays from your banking provider. Outside of Australia it can take up to 10 weeks.

It is your responsibility to provide the correct information for timely refunds. 

Check the User Terms and Conditions for more details.