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No platform fees.

You only ever pay for the ads you serve (y'know, what you're actually using me for).

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Full transparency

No fees. Just ads.

No gate-keeping fees.

You know what sucks about buying ads? Paying for the privilege of being able to buy said ads. So no, there are no fees to use me.

Full spend control.

Let's be real. 4 am isn't worth as much to you as peak hour. Tell your campaign to up your bid for the times you actually want.

No reason not to sign up.

Seriously, the only thing you pay for is what you're actually buying. Why wouldn't you sign up for that?

No...Really, why are you still reading this?

Cost examples.
Gym Billboard in Burpengary, north of BrisbaneCost of a Gym Billboard in Sydney.
Fuel station billboard ad in Sydney.Billboard Cost Sydney (Fuel Station)
Outdoor Billboard in Melbourne.Billboard Cost Melbourne
Outdoor Billboard in Brisbane.Billboard cost in Brisbane
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I have a few courses you can look at to get started with if you're DIY-ing. Or, if you're curious about managed services, reach out.

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