(a) In the event that a User or Account is deemed inactive for a period of 12 Months, both the User’s Account and remaining value of the Credits may be archived.

(b) Prior to the date the Credits are archived (Archive Date), CAASie will attempt to contact you via email.

(c) If after 6 months from initial notification date (being the date we first attempt to contact you) and after a total of 3 attempts to contact you with no response received, we will presume that your Account has been abandoned (Abandoned Account). You may respond to us before the conclusion of this period via email to support@caasie.co to request reactivation of your account and restoration of the Credits that were archived.

(d) Where the remaining Credits associated with an Abandoned Account have a theoretical value below $25AUD, the Credits are forfeited and will not be eligible for refund or return.

(e) If your account is archived or becomes and Abandoned Account and you have Credits representing more than a theoretical value $25AUD, you may within 2 years of the Activation Date (Holding Period), email support@caasie.co to request reactivation of your account and restoration of the Credits that were Archived or request a refund.

(f) If a refund is requested, we will refund the remaining Credits, if any, and administration fee of $25AUD, in addition to any and all associated bank and/or transaction fees. All refunds will be processed to the credit card associated to your CAASie account, or where this is no longer possible, made via Cheque to the associated organisation as detailed during User sign up.

(g) Any fees that are owed to CAASie by the User as a result of using CAASie and/or Services will be paid to CAASie prior to any Account reactivation or the provision of any refund in respect of an archived or Abandoned Account.

(h) CAASie reserves the right to refuse Account reactivation subject to the terms outlined in this document. Where reactivation occurs, our fees include payment of a $25AUD reactivation fee which will automatically be deducted from the remaining Credits (or if you do not have sufficient Credits, charged to you by way of your nominated payment method).

(i) Irrespective of the theoretical value of your Credits, if we do not receive written correspondence from you prior to the conclusion of the Holding Period, your Credits will be treated as having been abandoned and will expire.

(j) Any Complimentary Credits will expire immediately upon archiving, cancellation, deactivation or termination of your Account.

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