The platform is built for accessibility and designed to be entirely self-service. That said, however, we have ensured that support is available to our suppliers and advertisers (clients) whenever they need it.

This document describes our commitment to supporting our customers, and ensuring that any disputes are resolved in both quickly and in a fair manner.

Customer Support Policy

The platform support staff are entirely Australian-based and can therefore respond to queries without any significant impacts of time zone differences to advertisers within Australia. There are 3 channels within which support can be requested: Live Chat, Phone Call, or Email. The KPIs we strive for are detailed below.

Channel Response Time Operating Hours
Live Chat < 4 hrs 9 AM - 5 PM Weekdays
Email < 48 hrs 9 AM - 5 PM Weekdays
Phone < 4 hrs 9 AM - 5 PM Weekdays

Our staff may respond outside work hours at their discretion, however, out of respect to our employees and as a matter of company policy, we do not require them to attend to customer queries outside of their designated work hours.

Dispute Resolution Policy

Disputes against and our Services can be lodged in writing via email to We endeavour to respond to communications within 48 hours and between the operating hours of 9am-5pm weekdays, Brisbane, Australia.

Disputes on that relate to suppliers, SSP, or seller-enabled partners will be resolved through facilitating communication between the relevant parties and advertiser, to an extent that would be considered reasonable according to the nature of the dispute. We will strive to ensure that a fair outcome is attained for both parties and that every dispute is treated individually. will not arbitrate any dispute between supplier, SSP or seller-enabled partners and advertiser, however, we will create an open and honest line of communication as deemed required by

In any case, these disputes are dealt with respect to our User Terms and Conditions, available at:

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