Once a Transaction is completed or committed to the Seller, no cancellations are accepted. The Buyer will be responsible for honouring the agreed contract including payment or any “make goods”. The User agrees that transactions may be committed to Sellers for up to 8 hours after cancellation or ceasing use of the CAASie Platform, and they remain obligated to pay all fees resulting from advertisements served via CAASie.

To request a refund of the Credit held within the User’s Account, a User must make a request in writing to CAAsie Pty Ltd via email to support@caasie.co or by post to 4 Pearl Street, Slacks Creek, QLD 4127. Any refund will be allocated to the same credit card associated to the initial payment/instalment, or where that is not possible, made via Cheque to the associated organisation as detailed during User sign up.

An Admin fee of $25 AUD (Admin Fee) will be applicable to any refunds, in addition to any and all associated bank and/or transaction fees. If the value of the Credits is less than the applicable fees, the total Value will be charged against the User’s account. Notwithstanding the same, Users will continue to be liable for any charges or fees assessed against your account.

In the event that a User’s Account is cancelled or terminated, the User should ensure that the remaining Credits are expended prior to cancellation/termination, or alternatively request a refund of the remaining monetary value (“Value”), incurring the Admin Fee.

Complimentary Credits, Credits issued in place of a refund or Credits for which payment was not taken by CAASie for any other reasons may not be refunded or exchanged for the equivalent Value.

Refunds requested via email to support@caasie.co may take up to 14 standard business days to process. Requests for a refund made via post may incur additional delays resulting from postage, for which CAASie and its associated organisations are not held responsible.

In the event that your details or credit card details provided to the CAASie system are invalid, the failure to provide an updated/substitute refund payment method will result in the transaction being delayed until the information is provided to CAASie via post to CAASie Pty Ltd at 4 Pearl Street, Slacks Creek, QLD 4127. Whereby, a Cheque will be issued incurring the Admin Fee and with a lead time of up to 14 standard business days excluding postage.

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