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July 25, 2021

Broadsign Partners with Brisbane start-up

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Joe Jaraved

Broadsign partners with Brisbane start-up

Published by: Paige Murphy | 21 February 2020

Global out-of-home (OOH) marketing platform Broadsign and Brisbane start-up CAASie have joined forces to bring automated OOH campaigns to the small-to-medium-sized enterprise (SME) market in Australia.

The combined forces will enable the complete automation of the OOH buying process, lowering the barrier to entry for the SME market.

The team at CAASie have developed a demand-side platform (DSP) that provides a similar experience to the online marketing platform, Google AdWords, by adapting the pay-per-click model to a ‘pay-per-play’ model.

CAASie director and lead engineer Jeff Jaraved says that the collaboration with Broadsign will enable customers to readily access ad space on digital OOH media, such as billboards and bus shelter screens, using the skillset they already have.

“CAASie was built by advertisers for advertisers – she (CAASie) is an entry level tool for businesses who have never purchased billboards before," Jaraved says.
"We pride ourselves on the user friendliness, simplicity and the ease at which a user can go from creating an account through to running a full out-of-home campaign.
“She (CAASie) is designed to be a simple self-serve system that is familiar to businesses who already engage in Facebook or Google advertising.
"With an easy learning curve and flexibility around budgets and display times, we expect CAASie to become an integral tool in the digital marketing mix of any small-to-medium-sized business.”

Broadsign provides several software tools that facilitate the purchase, sale, and delivery of digital out-of-home (OOH) campaigns.

Among these is Broadsign Reach, which is a supply-side platform (SSP), to complement CAASie's DSP.

“Most demand side platforms do a great job in servicing the bigger agencies and advertisers. CAASie is a little different in that it has been built with the little guys in mind," Broadsign sales director ANZ Ben Allman says.
"Small businesses can now get their brand on a billboard in just a few clicks and from the publisher’s perspective, a lot of the friction often associated with transacting ‘the long tail’ of advertisers is removed.
"Integrating our supply side platform, Broadsign Reach with CAASie makes a lot of sense as it connects our publisher partners with an even broader range of advertisers.”

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