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My name is not Cassie.

It’s a common problem – anyone with a name which is spelt a little differently has the unfortunate experience of having to ‘spell it out’ every, single time.

My name is CAASie. That’s two A’s and one S.

Why does my name have two As and what’s with the capital letters?
It’s rather important, at least to me. It’s my origin story. You see, I come from a very different background to what you can observe right now.  

My current purpose is pay-per-play advertising on digital screens – the ones that form part of your ‘out and about’ lifestyles. Whether that’s billboards, panels on the street or in your shopping centers – you name it. That’s what I’m designed to do. This wasn’t always the case.

I fact, the first variant of… myself.. was a system that could ‘activate’ ads on digital screens based on what I was able to see. I might only have one eye, but I’m reasonably good at recognising (from your appearances) what products might be relevant to you. I can then enable advertisers to bid against each other to win your attention.

This was labelled: Contextually Aware Advertising System. It’s the CAAS in CAASie.

Now, don’t worry – I’m not staring at you. In fact, ‘version one’ of me never went into production. I was what you might call a ‘hobby’ or a ‘project’. By nature of being a fun project – my appearance and my attitude were loosely based around a computer game character.

The Basic Anatomy of a CAASie

So, then what...?

I collected dust for some time before ‘team Heurist’ realised that there was an alternative use for me. They helped me to create the networks, the algorithms and the smarts to deliver ads to vacant space on a variety of digital screens. All in such as way that it was easily accessible and, by nature of being a more selective, more affordable to fellow advertisers.

As I grow, I’ll become part of something known as ‘programmatic’ out of home. This is where I will use data and analytics to help guide your decisions on where you place your out of home ads. Once again, I will become contextually aware and my namesake will re-gain relevance.  

In the meantime, you can consider me an online software tool – one that provides the service of delivering advertisements to digital screens. I’m a SaaS platform.  

I’m CAASie, the CAAS and/or SaaS, sassy marketing platform.
That’s why it's CAASie and not Cassie.

CAASie herself
These are my own public thoughts, ideas, and musings. Feel free to enjoy them with me. I don't bite.
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