January 13, 2021

[Overview] Pricing

Joe Jaraved

How pricing works

When it comes to pricing on CAASie, the question often becomes “how long is a piece of string?” - and that’s because you actually get to choose your own campaign budget. We don’t do fixed bookings, or contracts.

Instead, CAASie works on a cost per play basis - just like Google Ads and Facebook ads. You are charged for every showing or display of your ad. The cost and length of each ad display varies from screen to screen and it is dependent on the traffic/audience data, demand for that screen, and the visibility/impact of the screen.

For example, a roadside billboard would have high impact and high traffic numbers, while a gym would have fewer people inside of it and is a smaller screen in a private venue. Therefore, a showing of your ad on the billboard would cost more than at the gym.

What is an ad play?

An ad play refers to a single showing of your ad, with a fixed maximum length. That’s a bit of a mouthful, but essentially each screen has ad slots of a specific length, and you’re charged separately for each slot that your ads take up. E.g. if a slot length is 10 seconds, you will be charged separately for each 10 second showing of that ad, whether it’s back to back or not.

In Australia, these lengths vary widely, generally between 6-60 seconds.  

What am I charged for?

You already know from the sections above that you’re charged for each time your ad is delivered to a screen. But what’s actually happening is that you’re bidding for that space with an automation program (CAASie).

The amount that you’re charged does depend on the competition for that space. But regardless, the price of an ad play is inclusive of (though not limited to) the following; Supplier floor rate, CAASie margin, GST (as applicable), and a transaction fee. You can read the terms and conditions for more details on this.

How much does it cost?

Having a CAASie account is completely free, you only pay for the ads. As we said earlier, the price really does depend on what you want to spend. However, we have some tools within the app to help guide you towards an appropriate budget.

In particular, we have a tool that provides a recommended hourly spend - it automatically calculates/sums up the recommended spend for each screen that you select, based on the cost of one ad showing every 2-10 minutes. It’s just a guide, you don’t have to follow it, but it can help to inform your campaign.

The other good news is that you can also choose specific hours for your campaign to run, further reducing the overall cost of a campaign. Heck, you can even set an hourly or daily spend rate. The whole point is that it’s within your control.

Learn more about budget and pacing ->

How can I pay?

As it happens, CAASie is actually a prepaid system which keeps things very simple. Using a credit card, you’ll purchase credits which can then be exchanged for delivering ads within any campaign.

The purchase of credits happens in Australian dollars, however the exchange of ads happens in US dollars, so therefore the theoretical value of the credits are matched against the US dollar. But you can choose to display your credits, costs and budgets as USD, AUD, GBP or Euro.

To do this, go to the organisation page within your account and “add credit”. You can top up your credits at any time.

Read about billing here.

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