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January 8, 2021

[Account Setup] Account Creation

Jenny Syratt

Create your CAASie account

Creating an account on CAASie is both simple and free! There are only 2 types of accounts to choose from, and it's all just a matter of filling out a form.

You, as a person and an individual user, are signing up to use CAASie – and as with anything that requires a sign up - you’ll create yourself a login with some basic contact details.

In addition, we’ll also ask you for an Organisation name (and corresponding details). This would be any party that you represent – the company you’re employed by, your sole tradership, or even just yourself.

Your organisation can host multiple team members (who will have their own login), as well as storing the credits which are used to run all of your campaigns. But that’s an awful lot of detail to go into right now. You only just created your account!

Note: We know that you don’t like to be contacted by companies, especially when you’re just looking around, however it’s important for both billing and ad approvals that we have at least one way to contact you. If we can’t, your account may be deactivated or your ads may not be approved, and then you’ll have to get in touch with us anyway. 

Account Types

There are only two types of CAASie accounts – one for advertisers and one for agencies.

If you want to advertise for yourself or the company that you’re employed by, you should choose the advertiser account. However, if you are planning to carry out campaigns on behalf of another entity, you should choose the agency account.

Both account types have virtually all the same functions, however the agency account allows you to create and manage clients (who may not have their own account). Actually, they don’t just allow it, it’s a requirement.

Get started - basics

Here are some things that can help you hit the ground running with your new CAASie.co account.

Read the glossary

Set up your first campaign

Read the FAQs

Jenny Syratt
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