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January 25, 2022

[Account Setup] Billing

Jeff Jaraved

Billing Basics

CAASie is a pre-paid ad platform. This means that you must have credits in your account before your ads will start to play. 

Your pre-purchased credits are stored in a cache in your account and used to purchase ads. In all cases, every time your campaign delivers an ad to a screen, we will deduct the value of the ad from your cache of credits. 

For the accountants in the audience, you’ll receive the invoice immediately upon credit purchase detailing all the information you need, but you can always retrieve invoices 

This is fairly straightforward for advertiser accounts, but if you happen to have an agency account, things get a little more tricky (which we’ll walk through in the next section).

That said, you can do pretty much everything else from campaign planning to just…playing around (if that’s how you roll) without needing any credits to be added to your account. In the following sections we’ll walk you through buying credits on the platform.

See the page on how pricing works ->

Purchasing Credit 


If you signed up with an advertiser account, you’ll just have to navigate to your organisation (via your sidebar) and click manage. Here, you’ll be given the opportunity to top up your purchased credits.

On your organisation page, you can directly purchase more credit by clicking the “add credits” button. For the visual learners, here’s an animated looping video of the whole process:


Method 1 - via agency organisation settings:

If you have an agency account, you must add credit to your clients. Access your organisation page the same way an advertiser does via the sidebar (see above). Your organisation page will look slightly different. When you’re buying credits, you’ll have to pick a client to assign them to.

Obviously, if you haven’t created any clients yet, this would not work. But once you do (read here to create a client ->), this process will be available to you.

Method 2 - via client management:

Alternatively, you can top up a single client on their own, by navigating to the client’s organisation settings and doing it the same way an advertiser would. Here’s a look at this process.

Firstly, navigate to your clients tab, and then click into a specific client:

Now, once you’re in the client organisation, you can top them up as per the animated video below:

Learn more in the client management article ->

Manage Payment Methods


Advertisers can manage the payment methods (well, just credit cards, for now) from their organisation dashboard. Just navigate to your organisation page, click into your ‘Expenses & Billing’ tab, and scroll down to your payment methods.

You’ll be able to see all the cards you’ve already added - if you haven’t added any, you’ll be given the option to add one. Here’s an animation showing the process.

Once you follow that wizard, you’ll be able to top up credit using the “use existing card” option when buying credit. If you have no cards saved, that option would obviously be greyed out.


Agencies can manage their payment methods in the same way as advertisers, but there’s an added layer of complexity. Your payment methods may be assigned to the agency OR to a specific client. Here’s the difference:

  • Agency-wide cards - Can be used to top up any client’s credits.
  • Client-specific cards - Can only be used to top up the respective client’s credits.

So, when you add a credit card, you’ll be asked a question as to whom this card should be associated with. See the screenshot below:


You are invoiced by CAASie as soon as the credits are purchased (it’s a pre-paid system, see). This email is sent to every user that holds an admin-level account within this organisation.

If you need to access this invoice at any point in the future, navigate to your organisation’s “Expenses & Billing” section, scroll down to the bottom of the page and download it from the invoice table.

This applies to both agencies and advertiser accounts. For agencies, you’ll see every invoice for every client displayed in the same table. If you want to see a specific client’s invoices, you can navigate to your Clients’ tab on your sidebar, click on a specific client, and follow the same process as above to find their invoices.

Display Currency

You can change the currency in which we display credits and costs to you. Generally, you’d pick your desired display currency when you’re signing up to the platform, but if for whatever reason you’ve picked one you don’t want (or if you have an older CAASie account that was created in the USD days), then you can change it as follows.

Head over to your organisation settings page. This is the same for both agencies and advertisers in that your organisation can only have one display currency. In other words, agencies cannot pick a different display currency per client.

Once in your organisation page, navigate to the Organisation Settings tab, scroll down, and select your display currency.

You can only change your currency once per month, so…Well, try to click the right one.

More Reading

How pricing works ->

Jeff Jaraved
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