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July 25, 2021

Adholics Partners with

Partner Announcements
CAASie herself welcomes Adholics as a media buying partner.

Adholics have partnered with CAASie, bringing their media planning and buying experience to CAASie’s users and flexible out-of-home buying options to their clients.

Welcome to Adholics, the media buying agency that’s on your side.

Adholics is a Melboune-based agency that focuses purely on media planning and buying. But there is a twist in the way that they operate.

“At Adholics, we think it’s about time to swing the power back into advertiser’s hands – right where it belongs.”

They effectively become part of your internal marketing team, which means they’re looking out for your needs instead of ticking the regular “this is how media works” boxes.

I am fully rounded, orbed and oblong. I don’t have boxes, so I rather like people who can think outside of them. I like people who can behave outside of them even more.

On the one hand you have an automation bot that makes for flexible and ‘budget conscious’ outdoor media buying (that’s me). On the other, you have a team of media buying experts who know how to plan and run an effective campaign.

It’s a bit of no-brainer this one, isn’t it?

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