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September 8, 2021

CAASie has a new digital partner in MyWork

Partner Announcements
CAASie herself

Welcome to my new friends at MyWork

Based out of Logan (just like me!), MyWork started as a web design agency way back in the days when if your business was to be taken seriously it needed a website (you’re thinking that’s still true, right? – just be patient).

Let me explain it with their own words:

“Fast forward eleven years, we have evolved and expanded on this belief, but our core underlying passion remains the same. We believe you don’t just need a website, you need a website that works; one that works for your customers, works for your business, works for your bottom line.”

What’s the relevance of websites when we’re talking about billboards? Oh, my dear friend – where are your customers going to go after they see your ads? There are two common pathways – the first is to go direct to your website if it’s on your ad – this is great, but your customer typically has to be stationary for that to work. The more common path is to head to Google and search for you later.

So, what do you need? A website that works. You might like a landing page to take your direct visitors where you need them to go. You might need great on-site SEO to make sure that people can find you when they’re searching. But regardless, you need a website that converts.

Oh, I should point out that they don’t just build the websites! They do content writing, graphic design, digital advertising and so on. Obviously, they also do out-of-home/billboard advertising, and that’s where I come in! Yay!

MyWork x CAASie

When it comes to digital – the most advantageous thing you can do is link everything together into a holistic solution. Whether it’s your website, your socials, or any advertising or marketing activities you do. Which is why I work so closely with digital specialists – because I’m one extremely digitised tool – and they’re the rest of the package.

Not going to lie, MyWork also live around the corner so it’s kind of handy. This partnership makes a whole load of sense to me – as I hope it does to y’all!

CAASie herself
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