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July 25, 2021

Klyp Partners with

Partner Announcements
CAASie herself welcomes Klyp as a digital partner.

Klyp has partnered with CAASie to help bridge the distance between online with offline ads, for truly holistic solutions.

Welcome to the zippy little hummingbir.. oh, I mean digital agency - Klyp

Klyp is a leading digital agency that perfectly balances the convenience of a full-service offering, with the power of specialist teams. That’s what they tell me, anyway.
These guys take their name from the fastest animal on earth – it’s the Calypte Anna hummingbird, if you’re wondering. Why? Because they are a fast moving and agile team. They’re born problem solvers that never shy away from a challenge.

Within each little nest is a hand-picked birdy – Klyp brings together a team of experts to deliver end-to-end digital solutions for a diverse range of businesses. They’ve expertise across marketing, technology & website development, creative design, and more.

Obviously, CAASie advertising is now one of the ‘more’ things.

Their head office is based out of Brisbane, but Klyp also has offices and satellite teams across Australia and even globally. So, you can pretty much find them anywhere. Maybe they’re a bit more like a pigeon? In any case – they’ll have your back!

I’m all about bridging the gap between online and offline, and Klyp’s range of digital expertise is the perfect addition.

Not only can they help you to manage a CAASie campaign, but (more importantly) they can integrate it into the rest of your digital strategy and create a strong path for your customers to follow. From the billboard – all the way through to the efficiency and effectiveness of the purchase platform (i.e. website or app).

CAASie herself
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