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July 25, 2021

Eight Clients Partners with

Partner Announcements
CAASie herself

CAASie welcomes Eight Clients as a digital partner.

Eight Clients have partnered with CAASie to offer their digital services to CAASie’s users.

Welcome to Eight Clients!

Eight clients is a Melbourne-based social media agency – but that’s not what you’re wondering is it? You want to know – ‘why 8?’

Porque no los ocho?   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Short answer – they’re picky and don’t want too many. Clever, right? Put it in the name and start straight up with the expectations.

No, but really – it makes sense. You want someone who’ll give you the love and attention that you need. Not just to be a ticket on a CRM.

Their own words – “We have learned to be fussy about who we create a social campaign for. Social media needs creative content, and you can’t be creative about something you don’t love.”

So, why does a picky social media agency partner with an egg on a battery? Because we can do some groovy stuff together.

Did you know that out-of-home advertising boosts your social media? Instagram is basically just billboards on steroids. This stuff just goes together.

We know it – and you will, too.

CAASie herself
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