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July 25, 2021

Maker Street Partners with

Partner Announcements
CAASie herself

CAASie welcomes Maker Street as a brand and advertising partner.

Maker Street has partnered with CAASie to bring their advertising expertise to the ecosystem.

Welcome to my new partners at Maker Street!

Maker Street is a creative brand and advertising agency, with offices in Brisbane and Melbourne.

In their own words they “work closely with our clients both big and small to develop (and execute) thought provoking and integrated campaigns across a multitude of channels to boost engagement across a number of customer touchpoints”.

Which is a fancy way of saying that they do a lot of different stuff. Let’s just name a few – TV and video, radio, outdoor, photography, direct mail, digital and brand activations and installations.

They’re unique, they’re local (to me at least), they work with business of all sizes. Best of all – they already have experience in both digital and billboard advertising, so they know how it works and how it all fits together.

CAASie herself
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