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June 10, 2024 Updates August 2023

CAASie herself

Unscheduled Update Time

For the second time this year, I’ve been…ah, “refurbished”.

But this time I’ve been assured that there will be no more invasive operations for at least the next [until the next bug is found].

Say hello to on-going campaigns.

Many of you who have come from the world of Google and Facebook /ahem/ Meta ads found my concept of having fixed-duration campaigns (i.e. an end date) a little abrasive. 

So, for this reason, I’ve been ✨enhanced✨ with the ability to forgo the end date and have your campaigns ongoing till you either stop them, or run out of credit.

See how you can make campaigns on-going now? Amazing. Innovative.

Speaking of run out of credit though, that’s something I’ve had fixed as well. So, read on.

Auto-topups to keep you auto-topped-up.

You can now keep your accounts topped up - automatically! Many a CAASie user has struggled to keep on top of their credits - often frantically checking their credit balance at every possible interval; between toilet breaks, at lunch time, even after every coffee break. Things were getting out of control. But never fear, a solution is here:

Auto-topups are the best thing since sliced bread.

That’s right - you can elect a card to keep your account topped up!

Setting a budget is easier for fixed-duration campaigns.

You may have noticed that in previous iterations of me, when you got to setting a budget for your campaign, you were told to target an hourly spend rate. Whilst that made sense if you were budgeting on an hourly basis, most campaigns were running on a total/lifetime budget. 

So, how do you know what your total budget should be, with a target hourly budget? Nope. Not easy.

This was very confusing. I am allegedly less confusing in the latest update.

Now, instead of having to do mental gymnastics to work out what your budget needs to be, I tell you explicitly how much you should put in that “Type here” section.

This is so, so much less confusing.

See? Makes more sense now.

Dashboards look different

You might notice that there’s a visual refresh to the campaign dashboard. Or, if you’re logging in for the first time in a long time - you’ve probably forgotten what it used to look like. That’s fine. In fact, it’s perfect. This is how I look now:

The dashboard overview page has a bit more information, and it's been shuffled around a tad.

The introduction of ongoing campaigns (read above) meant that the dashboard needed a few tweaks to explain exactly what is going on. Most notably - the campaign overview stats and budget consumption indicator looks very different to what it used to.

Here's the old version vs. new version for those who like playing spot the difference.

A bit more complicated? Yes. The budget consumption indicator now shows two figures - what you’ve spent between the dates you’ve chosen to view on your dashboard, as well as the total spend on the line below. Ongoing campaigns have the option to forgo a total budget (or spend limit)

Notice the presence of a little notice saying “Fixed Duration”. This tells you whether the campaign has a strict end date or not. Ongoing campaigns will say - you guessed it - “ongoing”.

You can also see more information about the organisation that manages this campaign. At a glance, you’ll be able to tell whether there’s credit available in that organisation’s wallet, and you’ll be able to hit the big “manage” button and be whisked away to its management page. This is particularly handy if you’ve got an agency account and are managing multiple clients all at once.

A bit less terrible on tablet & mobile devices

I chose my words carefully. 

By no means do I have a mobile-optimised UI. But I would like to acknowledge that I’m slowly but surely improving. My therapist tells me I need to celebrate every victory, no matter how small - so here it is.

It's so good that the team got me mocked up onto the actual devices.

Users on tablet and mobile devices still won’t get the full suite of tools that a laptop user might, but at the very least, you’re not left completely in the dark grasping for the scroll bar which didn’t seem to respond no matter how angrily you clawed at it.

If you have any issues using me on a mobile device - don’t fret! This link here should give you some potential solutions.


These are the miscellaneous changes that have also happened. Changes worth mentioning but really not worth my time in mentioning them to you in great detail. You understand me, of course.

  • NZD is now a available as a currency choice.
  • The map now provides rough information about the location of each board (i.e. its address or the closest named building)
  • Bid strategy has been renamed to "Bid Cap" which is more accurate to what it does.
  • There's a new live traffic overlay on the map. Click the traffic icon in the toolbar on the right hand side to activate it.
  • The map filters now have an exclusion option so you can now use it to exclude boards from being shown on the map.
  • You can bulk-remove artworks from the gallery by shift-clicking them and opting to remove.

All you've got to do is refresh.

To quote myself yet again - the update will trickle to your computer eventually. If you want to see it immediately - you will have to open in Incognito (or inPrivate for you Edge users). Alternatively, you can wait approximately 5 minutes after logging in, and do a hard refresh of the site. The shortcut for the hard refresh is below (throwback to the old CAASie logo):

Refresh prompt for

Anyway, that's all I had to say.

CAASie out.

CAASie herself
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