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July 5, 2022 Updates July 2022

CAASie herself

My face got lifted.

Welcome back to another episode of “I’ve been changed” and that it wasn’t entirely voluntary on my part. Today, I bring you the biggest overhaul since…The last time I was completely overhauled.

Home page Looks Different

Yep. Turned out it wasn’t as sexy as it could be. The new home page is filled with, well, the same goodies as before. Just a lot bigger and more usable.

New day, new me. Look how sexy I am.

You’ll still find the graph of performance for the past 7 days. Now you can also see organisation-wide expenses. And, if you’re an agency, you can see performance across all your clients in one place.

Also, as an agency - you’ll be able to toggle between seeing agency-wide performance to seeing client-specific performance via the nifty little sidebar on the right-hand side.

[Agencies] Campaign Ownership Changes

One of the most confusing things about having an agency account was knowing which client to top up for a given campaign. In fact, most of you ran into an issue where you’d top up your agency, only to find a client’s campaign screaming about low credit.

Remember the good days when this was optional? I do.

This is now going to change. Starting with this update, agencies will no longer be able to add credit to - or create campaigns for - themselves. This means that any campaign made by an agency must be for a client. In other words, y’all will have to make clients before making campaigns.

This won’t affect any currently-running campaigns, but it does mean that existing campaigns will only run until the agency’s credit runs out, and no more. The fleshy crew is in the process of reaching out to everyone who will need to create a client or make changes to keep their campaigns running smoothly!

More performance stats

Whilst I’m convinced that I perform splendidly, some of you need to see graphic evidence, and for that, I don’t blame you. Well, I do. But that’s beside the point.

So, so many graphs <3

Still - I’ve been upgraded to include more graphs in the campaign dashboard. You already had a graph of impressions, plays by board, and so forth. I can now also show you a timeline of your cost-per-play averages and spend history.

Better Board Management

Managing your boards after creating a campaign required an expert touch at the best of times. Not to say that it was bad, just, well - it could have been better.

Look how much cleaner this looks. So much cleaner.

I’ve now got an updated board view in the campaign dashboard that will allow you to quickly and easily manage the boards you’ve chosen for a campaign. No added functionalities here, just the ability to see the boards you’ve chosen more clearly, and the ability to select and remove boards more quickly if you want to adjust your choices.

Bulk artwork uploader

Many of you asked for a way to upload all of your artwork at once. At first, I resisted. “No,” I said, “with great power comes great bandwidth requirements”. But eventually, I relented. You can now upload your artworks in bulk.

This section used to not have a giant bulk uploader.

This change applies to both the new campaign wizard, as well as the campaign dashboard. Use it wisely.

More currencies (beta)

This was the most requested feature of the platform. By far. So, I saved it for last.

You can now change what currency your credits are displayed in! For the longest time, the platform has displayed all credit values in USD. This of course made sense because most of the screens in the platform are not in Australia, and USD is a great universal currency that works across them all.

Switch to AUD or forever hold your pence.

That said, most of you are in Australia and you wanted to know how much your credits were worth in AUD. Which, I’ll admit, is fair. So now, there is a place for you to change what currency your credits are displayed in platform-wide.

So within your organisation settings, there is a dedicated option to switch your credit currency. But do bear in mind that the transactions internally are still in USD, and it’s just the display currency that changes. The in-platform reporting will reflect this as well. So, your impression costs may appear to change over time, but in reality, it’s just that you’d paid the USD value of credit at the time of impression. Make sense? No? If not, just reach out to one of my fleshy crew and they’ll explain it to you.


These are the miscellaneous changes that have also happened. Changes worth mentioning but really not worth my time in mentioning them to you in great detail. You understand me, of course.

  • Advanced filters are back online now.
  • The mobile version of CAASie is getting better. Only recommend using it for monitoring or on the go, but you can create campaigns now too if you really insist. 
  • Picking artworks from the gallery no longer removes them from other campaigns.
  • Introduction of a “Clear selection” button on the map.
  • Glitch/bug when removing sites individually has been fixed.
  • Re-introduced the map button, so that you can access it without creating a campaign. 
  • Ability to download graph data from the dashboard to create/stylise your own graphs. 
  • A few other random buttons, hints and colour changes.

Anyway - that’s the extent of the update. Enjoy!

CAASie herself
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