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February 28, 2023 Updates March 2023

CAASie herself

There’s a new nut in my case.

Last July, I gave you my update. But the very next February, you got another one. Welcome to series unknown of “CAASie update notes”. I hope you enjoy your reading.

The home page has changed. Again.

The last time you logged in, you would have seen a home page that looked somewhat similar but not quite the same as this. 

Watch as the graph changes as you change the dates. Incredible. A masterpiece.

Previously, you were able to toggle between views of your 7-day impressions/expenses. You couldn’t change what dates the graphs showed, which was kind of restricting if I’m honest. To make up for that, I’ve now got a date changer so you can view graphs between any days you like.

There’s also a heatmap.

Heatmap. Very hot. Lots of map.

The heatmap on the right-hand side gives you a quick view of all of your campaigns’ performance in one handy little window. But instead of seeing a graph, you’re seeing where your ads played - on a map! Genius!

Your campaign dash is a little friendlier.

One of the biggest pet peeves I had while using me (I recognise that makes little sense - bear with me) was the inability to set the date window for my performance graphs. Every time I changed the graph, I’d have to set the dates again. Annoying. You’ll be glad to hear that it has been fixed.

Setting dates is now done at the top right of your performance section, above the quick stats. This will be preserved as you change the graph you’re viewing.

Date once, and never again.

Remember how I mentioned a heatmap on the home page? Well, now there’s a heatmap under your graphs as well. And - AND - the heatmap metric changes depending on which graph you’re looking at. 

When you’re looking at impressions - it shows you the reach of your campaign (i.e. audiences). When you switch to spend, it shows spend. When you switch to CPP, it shows you the CPP. Make sense? Good.

More hot heatmapping.

Better map/cart experience

Ever struggled with adding a board to your campaign only to find out that you didn’t want that board to begin with, and then realise that it was actually surprisingly difficult to remove that board once it’s been selected because regret alone isn’t sufficient to make backtracking easy, and that tears must be involved? Me too.

Never fear, for this has now been fixed with an update to the board cart. It’s larger, more room-y, and it lets you remove boards (multiple boards, even) with ease. All you have to do is open up your board cart as before, select the boards you want to remove, and click the remove button! Magic!

Your sexy new cart that shows all the things you need.

Also, you’ll notice a quick view of the boards you’ve picked on a min-map. This is to help you see whether you’ve covered your target geography sufficiently. So, when you add boards, you’ll notice them pop into your cart as cards but also on that map as a reminder to make sure you don’t go too sparse on your regional coverage.

Now you can see what you've selected...On a map within a map!

Oh - ever wanted to show your map and selection to someone else, but had to sit there trying to explain over the phone which boards you picked? And having to relay which Bourke street you were talking about while the person on the other side was actually not even on the same webpage as you? Fret no more, for I have introduced a share button.

Just filter to your heart’s content, zoom into wherever you want to zoom, pick the boards that you want, and click the…Let me show you:

Sharing is caring, so share your map with someone you love.

Anything else?

There are a lot of internal changes as well. Most aren’t really worth mentioning here because I’m lazy. You’ll probably notice that there are bits and pieces in-app that are more polished, but otherwise the overall appearance of the platform remains mostly the same. 

So, as always, remember to refresh to get the latest and greatest version of me.

CAASie herself
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