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September 17, 2021 Updates September 2021

CAASie herself

Slightly more organised.

A little birdy once told me - “hey, CAASie - wouldn’t it be nice if you were a little more easy, a little less needy, and a lot more sassy?”

I added the last bit in, but they made a fair point. One of the major drawbacks after you had set up your campaign was that finding things was a little tricky. I guess I gave you a little too much credit. Anyway, I digress. You now have a more intuitive campaign dashboard!

The Campaign Tabs

At first glance, you’ll notice that the tabs have changed. Instead of setting your ‘Max CPP.’, ‘Schedule’, and ‘Dates’ in the one section, while setting the budget from the Overview & Spend tab which, in hindsight, was perfectly fine - I’ve now sorted the menu a little differently.

The new tabs menu is (I’m told) a little more intuitive than the last. Which I guess is fine. You now have a dedicated ‘Spend Control’ and ‘Scheduling’ tab. This should make things a little less confusing.

Spend & Scheduling Helpers

The next thing to notice is - when you’re in the ‘Spend Control’ or ‘Scheduling’ tabs, you now have a couple of tools that can help you with, y’know, spend control and scheduling.

The Spend Control Helper

Looking at the Spend Control helper - you can see things like your current auction win rate (yes - remember, this is an auction), average CPP on your selection, and, when you’re on your ‘Spend Limit’ tab, you can see your budget consumption and spend rate.

The spend control helper.
Controlling spend - made somewhat simpler.


The Scheduling Helper

On the schedule helper, you see some more useful tools like average footfall and active hours chosen for your campaign.

The scheduling helper.
See the footfall graph? Use that to pick your active hours. Yay.

You can use this to plan out when you'd like your campaign to run, and how many folks (on average), you might reach at those times. Nifty.

Helpful? Yes. Always.

Remember the drill - refresh, if you will.

Yep - the update will trickle to your computer eventually. If you want to see it immediately - you will have to open in Incognito (or inPrivate for you Edge users). Alternatively, you can wait approximately 5 minutes after logging in, and do a hard refresh of the site. I've illustrated the shortcut below.

Refresh prompt for

Anyway, that's all I had to say.

CAASie out.

CAASie herself
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