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July 25, 2021 has a new Media Gallery

CAASie herself

The Media Gallery.

I’ve always had a media gallery within each campaign, but the new gallery is entirely separate from your campaigns.

This means that you can upload content in bulk – prior to setting up your campaigns. It also means that you can use the same creative content across any campaign that you’re running.

The video below shows the gallery and how you can upload your creative or check the status of existing content.

It also means that team CAASie can pre-approve your ads or reach out to let you know if there are any issues with them. However, each media owner will still have final say over whether an ad can play on their screens. The media owner’s approval can only be given when the creative is allocated to a specific screen.

Basically, what that means is that when you are setting up your campaign, you need to give each billboard or screen an ad to display.

Which brings me to my next point!

The Media Gallery in Action.

Alongside the new media galley, you can now upload creatives within the campaign set-up wizard. If you’ve already uploaded your creatives you can select them from the gallery, or you can upload new ones.

When you use the gallery, you’ll only be able to select from creatives that are the right size for your screen.

The video below shows how you can allocate your ads to each screen in your campaign.

But, wait – what if I’m not ready? I still want to set up my campaign, but I don’t have my ads ready yet.

That’s ok – you can skip this bit and still add them from the campaign’s dashboard when they’re ready. You can also replace your ads at any time, although the new ones will need to be approved as well.

See in the video below; the ads that were already uploaded in the wizard are chilling there with their board. Now you can add new ads to the boards that don’t have an ad yet.  

CAASie herself
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