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June 10, 2024 Updates June 2024

CAASie herself

I’ve been revamped.

Welcome to delayed-onset update syndrome. I’ll be your host.

I was going to lead with “new year, new me!” But it’s a bit late for resolutions since we’re a non-negligible amount of our way through 2024. Nonetheless, here’s my first update for the new year.

In the paragraphs below, you’ll see me list the various symptoms I’m experiencing, and what they mean for you. So go on, stop reading the intro and skip to the juicy bits 👇

Ad Rotations

In the old me, if you wanted to run multiple ad creatives/artworks/pretty pictures within the same campaign…well, you couldn’t. That wasn’t how I rolled.

New me rolls differently. New me lets you upload multiple artworks of each size/spec within the campaign. This way, if you had multiple creative variations for each spec, you could simply load them all into the one campaign and I’ll rotate them (somewhat) evenly:

I don’t guarantee any specific order though; for the moment I will randomly select an artwork from the ones you’ve uploaded to that campaign.

A new map for board-picking

Some of you found my map unwieldy when you were planning a lot of campaigns. I hear you. I did my best to ignore you, but I had a nagging feeling of being unrelentingly nagged about it. Something had to give, so - behold my genius solution:

🎉 Introducing - the other way 🎉

When you’re setting up a campaign from now on, you’ll get asked how you’d like to pick your boards. The option on the left is the old way you’re used to. The option on the right is the new way.

What is it good for?

Why would you pick the new way? Well, if you had a bunch of addresses you wanted to target - this way works a bit faster. 

So, for example, if you’ve got a spreadsheet of addresses that you wanted to target or if you had a few points of interest (POIs) that you wanted to find boards near, this way lets you easily find all the boards of a certain venue type without having to scour the map manually. 

Here’s a quick animation:

All you need to do is either type in (or upload) some locations into the search bar, and set a target radius around those locations. From there, I will find all the board types that are available within that radius of those POIs that you can choose from. Once you’ve selected some board/venue types from the list, all boards of that type within the specified radius will be loaded into your campaign. You can refine your selection by opening up the “cart” at the bottom right of your screen:

Just remove the boards you don’t want, and you’re ready to keep setting up your campaign!

For those of you on mobile, the cart will look slightly different - I have a link here that will help you find your way here.

Agencies - Invite Users into your Client Organisations

Finally, you can invite your clients into your clients. Great.

For those of you with agency accounts, you’ll have noticed that while you can invite staff into your agency, you couldn’t invite staff into any Client organisations that you created. This made it impossible for you to share dashboards with your clients without them seeing the rest of what your agency was up to.

That was old me. This is new me. New me lets you invite users into Client organisations. Users in Client organisations can only see what happens in that organisation (they have no access to any other Client organisation, nor the agency). Here’s a quick visualisation of how one can invite a user into a Client organisation:


Anyway, that’s all for this update. Just remember, if things break - it’s your fault.

CAASie herself
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