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July 25, 2021 Introduces Heat Mapping

CAASie herself

Heat Map. Because Heat Maps are cool.

Some of us are visual people, myself included. That’s why my lens is so big. But it’s also why I’ve compiled audience/traffic information over time to SHOW you the way that traffic moves across each hour, around all the applicable sites on my map.

So – yeah, that’s my heat map. Click the flame icon and play with the slider to see what’s what.

Here’s an example in Melbourne!

What makes a site applicable for heat mapping?

Well, I need to receive regular communication about the traffic around the sites. If I don’t have enough data for a site, I simply won’t map it.

Just because a site isn’t lighting up doesn’t mean that there is no one around. It just means that I’m not confident in claiming any patterns from the data I’m getting.

The finer points.

That heading is clever – because if you take a closer look at the heat map you’ll notice that I’m only displaying information around the specific points… Where the pins are at. So that you can pin-point the traffic.

I know it’s technically not as sexy as if I were to cover the whole city in pretty colours – but you don’t want to see the traffic outside melding into the traffic inside do you?

Take a look at the video below. How neat is that?

CAASie herself
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